The right relationship is key to it all.

The best way to describe our approach is a “partnership.” We don’t see ourselves as a vendor, we see ourselves as a partner in your business — with this mindset, we’re not relegated to being order takers, but are instead a vital component of your success. Because of this, we’re hands-on and collaborative, wanting to understand all aspects of your business as our greater knowledge of the big picture allows us to make smarter recommendations.

We stay in regular contact with our clients, evaluating and re-evaluating programs based on core metrics to be sure we continue to do the right thing as we know situations typically change often.

Further, for us, a partnership comes down to people. People get things done, people bring ideas to the table, people interpret data to find insights, and people make the process enjoyable and productive.

Regardless of why a client chooses team members at the outset, it’s ultimately the working relationship that exists between individuals on both sides that determines the length and success of the relationship. This is why we see ourselves just as much as senior living professionals as advertising or marketing professionals.

Inspire really is the best of two worlds. They have the expertise and experience in senior living of a larger agency. And they combine it with the agility, responsiveness and personal attention of a smaller shop.

Stovall Kendrick, Executive Vice President Greenbrier Senior Living

Time is money.

You will hear us say this many times — timing is everything and efficiency is king. The faster we can get things done, the faster we can get your messages into the market, the faster we can generate leads and solve potential problems, the better. How do we do it? Being small does have its advantages — it allows for fewer layers, greater flexibility, and the ability to be quick on our feet and extremely responsive to whatever may come our way.